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A Christmas Conundrum

Lady Rose Swaffham is determined to marry Adam, the gentleman she has loved since she was a schoolgirl. However, her papa, the Earl of Swaffham refuses to give his permission as he thinks Adam a jackanapes. Her brother James, Adam’s best friend, has lost the family fortune at cards so one of them must marry money.

To this end she arranges an unusual Christmas house party – the gentlemen will be knights of old and the ladies their damsels. There will be tournaments, banquets and other entertainments on this theme. For the first time living in a genuine castle is not a disadvantage. Her invitations are sent to wealthy gentlemen and rich young ladies with aspirations to be a lady.

Mr Ralph Somerton is at the top of her list of eligible, wealthy bachelors. In exchange for trying to entice an offer from him her papa allows Adam to be invited on the understanding that Rose spends no time with him. If she fails in her endeavour, and Mr Somerton does not make her an offer, then she can marry Adam.

Ralph is a handsome, charming gentleman and soon she is faced with a conundrum – both Adam and Ralph wish to marry her. Which one will she choose?

Formats available: eBook

Date published: October 13, 2020