Off on my hols!

Posted on 3rd July, 2022

Tomorrow I’m going on a week’s break to St Malo in France with my niece and great-niece. We’ll be travelling on Brittany ferries overnight, eating what I hope will be an excellent meal in their restaurant and then retiring to a luxury cabin. It’s only a fifteen minute walk from the ferry terminal to the mediaeval walled city and our luxury apartment. I’ve got an unbelievably long list of things to do before I go – writing a blog is one of them.

We used to go to France to three times a year when my husband was well – many years ago – so quite excited about being able to spend several days in what I think is my favourite foreign country. I always pack too much but better to have things I don’t wear than to run out of clothes et cetera. I don’t suppose Loki will be impressed by my absence but my lovely neighbour is coming in three times a day to feed him, also to water my garden a couple of times. I’m so lucky to have such neighbours. Cats are much better off at home, in familiar surroundings, then cooped up in a small run at a cattery.

On the writing front everything is tickety-boo. My third book, Duty Calls at Goodwill House will be coming out on July 26th. The fourth one has just been edited and returned and will be out on November 6th and I have written the first three chapters of the fifth book which will be out in January next year. It was the best decision I ever made to move to ballpoint and I’m so grateful to the help and support they’ve given me – and every other writer in the stable.

Do you like my new photo? Was taken at my grandson’s sports day – the first one I’ve been able to go to years because of the pandemic. I’ll tell you all about my holiday when I get back.

Best wishes

Fenella J Miller