Is it me?

Posted on 2nd April, 2022

I don’t know about you but I’ve stopped watching the news as it is unrelentingly grim. The war in Ukraine is horrendous – it doesn’t seem possible that in the 21st-century a European country is being invaded by another. The world is on the brink of catastrophe because of the madness of Putin.

Johnson insists that there is no longer a pandemic in the UK – that it’s now an endemic – and we’ve just got to learn to live with it. At the moment one in twelve people are testing positive, schools and workplaces are falling apart because so many staff and children have got this unpleasant illness. Although there are no legal requirements to wear masks or self isolate even if you test positive I think people are doing so long as they can work from home. It must be so hard for families hit by Covid and at the same time with fuel prices going up by hundred percent, food by 10% and their income decreasing.

Is it me, or do you think that the world is at a pivotal point in its history? That we are on the brink toppling into the abyss? I know that sounds dramatic and depressing but with plague, famine and flood, as well as war ravaging our beautiful planet one begins to think that maybe things have gone past the point of no return.
Having got that rant off my chest – I’ve been unwell and that always makes me tetchy – onto the good things. My lovely British shorthair cat, Loki, can now use the cat-flap and is very pleased with himself. My books with Boldwood both have bestseller flags on Amazon and the books with Head of Zeus are also still doing well. I now have three books on the shelves at The Works and another one sold but it’s not yet appeared.

My Regency books no longer sell as well as they did – there are so many brilliant indie books in this genre that it’s hard to compete. I also don’t publish as many as I did now that I’m writing three books a year for Boldwood.

It’s now officially British summer time as the clocks went forward last week. Someone should tell the weather as there is snow on the ground today.

Until next time

best wishes

Fenella J Miller.