August 2022

Posted on 30th July, 2022

Well July was certainly a month to remember. I got Covid whilst on holiday in France and four weeks later am still not over it. We were almost boiled alive with temperatures over 40c– it’s still unnaturally hot for Britain – and instead of complaining about the rain we Brits are complaining about the sunshine. Not often that happens. Despite the fact that when in France on holiday myself and my companions were ill we still enjoyed it and want to go back to the same place next year if possible.
My cat is no longer a kitten and weighs over 10 lbs – more than 4 kg – and is a constant delight. He’s quite different in personality to my lovely Billy Blue who I lost almost a year ago. He is more affectionate, is never out of the house for more than half an hour at a time, and is very vocal. Billy Blue was a quiet cat. My grandson was terrified of Billy blue – he knew it wasn’t rational but couldn’t bring himself to interact with him which was a pity – because he’s known Loki from a small kitten he loves him as much as I do. If my daughter-in-law wasn’t asthmatic then I’m sure he would persuade them to have a kitten. He has a hamster instead.
On the writing front everything is tickety-boo. I do find it rather confusing doing marketing meetings about a book I’ve just handed in, promotion for a book that came out a few months ago whilst writing another one. I’m absolutely thrilled with how well my books are doing with my fabulous publisher, Boldwood. Joining them was quite definitely the best decision I’ve ever made as far as my writing goes. Duty Calls at Goodwill House came out this week and is doing phenomenally well – already has 150 excellent reviews. I can’t believe how much my readers are enjoying this series. My grandson said to me, “You’re almost famous, Grandma. I think you must be the most famous grandma in my school.” Now that’s praise indeed.
I don’t really like hot weather and temperatures well over 40°C just don’t suit me especially when recovering from Covid. I don’t often complain about the weather but we really desperately need rain. Let’s hope governments and those in power finally see sense and do something to stop this catastrophic climate change.
Until next time
Fenella J Miller