5th May 2022

Posted on 5th May, 2022

My excuse for not posting this month’s diary on the first is that I had a nasty reaction to my second booster – but I’m thankful to be fully covered at least for the next few months. Also, the third was my birthday and who wants to be working on their birthday?
My third book for Boldwood, Duty Calls at Goodwill House, is now available on preorder and I’ve started writing the fourth book which will be out in November, I think. In future I’m writing just for my publisher – my regencies, although they are still popular with some readers, don’t have the following they used to have. It makes sense to put all my limited energy into my World War II books which are so successful. I’ve just sent my final Christmas Regency to be edited which will come out on preorder in August and the last book in my current Regency series, An Arranged Marriage, will be on preorder at the end of this month.
On the domestic front my lovely British Shorthair cat, Loki, is now flying in and out of the catflap and has learnt to walk along my 6 foot garden fence. So far he’s not falling off and has managed to return safely from wherever he goes. This cat isn’t allowed out of night as I think Billy Blue, the cat I lost so suddenly and so tragically last year, was almost certainly poisoned by something he ate on his nocturnal travels.
On the sixteenth of this month I’m travelling to London for a second time this year to attend my publisher’s first party. I can’t wait to meet the other writers will be

attending I’ll be staying overnight, but this time a Premier Inn and not a four-star luxury hotel next to the Tower of London. I’ll tell you more about that next month.
We had our first rain for weeks yesterday and I’ve discovered that my new garden furniture with waterproof cushions has not lived up to its description. The material might be waterproof but the water still got inside – I suppose I’ll have to make sure I take them inside if it rains next time.
It’s a worrying time in the world at the moment and I expect, like me, you try and concentrate on the good things and ignore the bad news. I count myself lucky to be relatively healthy, to be surrounded by loving family and friends and to be so successful in my writing so late in my life.

Best wishes
Fenella J Miller