My Diary – Archive

March 2022

3rd March, 2022

I think it must have been almost a year since I last wrote a diary entry. My old website ceased to exist and I now have a wonderful new one done by Bookswarm. I’ll be able to update my diary more frequently now. A lot has happened in the past year and I’ll give you a short resume of how things are for me now.

My beautiful British shorthair cat, Billy Blue, ate something that poisoned him and he had to be put down in September. I now have Loki – from the same breeder but he’s a lilac colour point – cream with lilac ears and tail and a cream body. He’s living up to his name – but he’s only nine months old and I’m sure will be calmer when he’s older and can go out in the garden unsupervised.

As you know I joined the wonderful publishers, Boldwood, a year ago and since then I’ve got two books out and the third, almost completed, and this will be handed in by the end of next week. The first book, War Girls of Goodwill House has had a bestseller flag ever since it came out in January and has already got almost a thousand more 4/5 star reviews. The second book in the series is on pre-order, New Recruits at Goodwill House, and when I last asked had fifteen hundred pre-orders. This will be published on April 7 th. The publishers and I are very happy about this. The third book – the title hasn’t been settled yet – will be out in July and on pre-order in April. My Boldwood books come out in every format and are also being sold into The Works.

My Aria Zeus books are also doing really well and I hope they continue to do so. The final book in the Girls in Blue series, The Officer Girl in Blue, came out last October and all my Aria books are now available in large print, audio, paperback and you will also find them in The Works.

On the home front I had solar panels with a battery installed last November – the battery has already ceased to work – and also a very expensive and extremely smart automatic awning. I now need equally smart garden furniture to sit on under the awning. I’m also going to get a small barbecue – I’m not sure I’ll use it but you never know.

Until next time

Fenella J Miller