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Fenella's Diary

Did you know that September 1 is the start of the meteorological autumn? This must be why I'm now in winter clothes and have central heating ready to go. If anyone still denies that there is climate damage caused by humans then they just have to look around the world and see how weather patterns have changed.My health has been bad these last few weeks but until I see the next consultant and have an MRI scan I don't really know what's causing the problems or if there is any solution. It's not life threatening – I'm lucky as on the plus side I'm losing weight which I wanted to do for years.The pandemic is still raging everywhere – particularly in the US – please get your vaccination whatever your reservations about it is getting Covid is so much worse. My beloved Dusty died from Covid and it only took five days to take him from me.I've been having an excellent year writing wise which is good. My books with Aria Zeus have done particularly well which is ironic as I've moved to Boldwood. My first book with them is with the copy editors and will be out at the beginning of January next year. My second book is half written and will be handed in at the end of this month hopefully. This will give me time to write at least one Regency before I have to start the third for Boldwood.The final book for Aria Zeus will be coming out on 16 October – An Officer Girl in Blue – and the pre-sales have been good as have the reviews on Net Galley. I'll remind you all when it comes out.I now have four books available as audio – I haven't listened to any of them so I don't know how well the narrator has done. I just don't understand the enthusiasm for listening to books – as I think to be listening whilst driving is actually dangerous.My Christmas book, A Christmas Elopement, is now available on Amazon and you will either be impressed/horrified/astonished that I've finished my Christmas shopping.My garden has been glorious all year and is still looking lovely but I must admit I'll be glad when I no longer have to water it every other day. Normally I'd be buying spring bulbs but because of BREXIT and the pandemic there is a desperate shortage of delivery drivers and so far none have arrived at my local garden centre.I apologise that I didn't notice the typos and so on in last month diary entry – hopefully spellcheck will have picked them up this time.Best wishesFenella J Miller