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Fenella's Diary



September 3rd 2020


I don't know where August went to but now it's meteorological autumn and the summer is over. My garden is still full of colour but I stop watering most plants now and let the bedding plants and annuals go to seed in the hope they will provide free plants next year. I certainly have an overabundance of forget-me-not seedlings.

My Spitfire books were all on an Amazon promotion throughout August which certainly increased the number of visitors I had here. The first book in my new series, The Spitfire Girls, is going off to be processed this week. From now on all my books will be e-book first and then paperbacks. Not POD – but actual, real paperbacks that can go into bookshops. I'm really excited about this as having my books in bookshops was the only thing I still haven't achieved in my career.

I've also completed the second book in the series – just have to give it a final read through – and can then send it in.

I've started writing the first book in a six book series. This is a Regency series and will follow a variety of family members in their search for romance and so on. No dukes in this book – it's about the disputed title of The Earl of Marchand.

I'm hoping to write the first two books at least before Christmas and then they will be out early next year.

I have a Christmas title about to go on preorder – The Christmas Conundrum – and I'm hoping that my editor will get the final book in my World War II series, Barbara's War, back to me in time to release it this year.

I've been here in my new bungalow almost a year and love it even more than I did when I first moved in. My son and his family have also moved into their lovely new house – so apart from the virus this year has been a good one for the family.

My beloved husband is very happy in his care home and I know that he doesn't miss me when I'm not there as so much is going on. I see him four days a week but just for forty minutes as you have to book a time slot.

It's easier for him as he is not aware how impaired he is – I don't really know if he's aware of anything very much. However, I have Mamma Mia downloaded on my Kindle and he watches that avidly every time I visit and laughs in all the appropriate places. I know every word of that film I've seen it so often but I still love.

Next time we'll probably be talking about Christmas preparations!

Best wishes

Fenella J Miller

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