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Fenella J Miller


I now live in a new bungalow in a small village near the sea. It's a big change from the many years I spent in a rural paradise in an ancient cottage. My beloved husband has been in care for over year and I have only my Birtish shorthir cat for company. I have two adult children and three grandchildren.


I was born in the Isle of Man, in Ramsey, but have never been back to visit. Perhaps one day. I spent my first four years in Berkshire where I developed my life long love of horses by spending time with our bad-tempered shetland pony. We then moved to St John's Wood, London, where we remained until I was eleven. We moved to Wivenhoe -and I married and had my children baptised at the lovely Norman church in this village.


Over the years I have worked as a nanny, a secretary, a cleaner, a restaurateur, an hotelier, a Secondary and Primary teacher but am now, finally, a writer. Throughout the years I never doubted I would become a published author. My cupboard  is filled with half-written books, ideas and unfinished stories.


I write because I have to, I would do it anyway, but knowing  other people are enjoying my stories makes all the angst and scribbling worth while.


I have over 50 Regency books published, ten WW2, four Victorian and four Jane Austen variations.

I write for a traditonal publisher, Aria Head of Zeus, as well as indie pulbishing my Regency books.


Fenella J Miller


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